Regular Clean

Here’s What’s Included In Our Regular Cleans:

    1. Window sills wiped down
    2. Ceiling fans dusted
    3. Regular wet and/or dry dusting in each room
    4. Microwaves cleaned inside and out as well as disinfected
    5. All surfaces wiped down
    6. Beds made
    7. Garbage from each room emptied and bags replaced
    8. All chrome fixtures dusted and shined
    9. Stainless steel appliances brought to a shine
    10. Toilets disinfected inside and out including the base and behind it
    11. Tubs/showers and tiles disinfected, cleaned and rinsed
    12. All sinks disinfected, scrubbed and cleaned
    13. Cabinets and vanities washed
    14. Counter tops disinfected
    15. Cushions/Pillows fluffed and straightened
    16. Small appliances cleaned and disinfected
    17. Vacuum and/or mop of all floors (tile/hardwood/carpet)



Deep Clean

A Deep Clean is more intense than a Regular Clean, and includes a lot of the same regular clean procedures/steps, plus a few nice extras! Your first home clean with us should always be a deep clean, and then we maintain your home every time we visit after that. Now that’s a Touch of Magic!

Here Are All Those Nice-Extras:

  1. Baseboards in every room wiped down
  2. Window glass cleaned
  3. Window sills wiped
  4. Window Frame wiped
  5. All doors and door frames wiped

**Baseboards in all bathrooms are always wiped down for hygiene purposes.**


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